water sports

A paradise for water lovers.

water sports

Vacation park by the water

Vacation Park Island of Maurik is a real vacation park located directly on the waterfront. With its location on a mound on the edge of the quiet rivers the Lower Rhine and the Lek and on a large recreational lake it is a real water paradise for the water lover. Beautiful weather invites you to lie down on the sandy beach and spend a large part of the day there. If it gets too hot under your feet, you take a dip in the water to cool off. 

During the summer period, when the water is nice and warm, various water sports activities will be offered. The water sports activities are offered during the school vacations, or when the weather is nice. During the school vacations, the water sports rental next to the Beach Club will have someone present every day from 09:00 to 18:00. Outside the vacation periods and in the autumn vacations we will check the weather to see if someone is present at the water sports rental. If not, you can report to the reception. 

Electric motor sloop

During the season you can rent an electric boat. Explore the recreational lake and its surroundings in a relaxed way. 
The times of the day are as follows:
  • - 09.30 - 12.00 € 60,-
  • - 12.00 - 14.30 € 65,-
  • - 14.30 - 17.00 € 65,-
  • - 17.00 - 19.30 € 60,-
The prices of the rental of our boats include VAT. Legitimation obligatory. Minimum age: 21 years old

All rates




Sloop sailing From € 60,- per part of the day 
Water bike € 7,50 per hour € 10,=
Cano €5,- for half an hour, €7,50 for an hour € 10,=
Suppen € 5,- per half hour, € 7,50 per hour € 10,=

The prices of the rental of our boats include VAT. Legitimation obligatory for sailboats and boats. Minimum age: 21 years old.


Stand up paddling is the fastest growing boardsport in the world. With a kind of surfboard and a paddle you move yourself over the water. You can paddle on flat water, such as lakes, rivers and streams and on undulating (sea) water. The origin of the suppen lies in surfing in Hawaii, where surfers used a paddle and a larger board when there were few waves.

At the moment you can see an enormous growth in the fitness and outdoor world. Supping can be practiced in a relaxed way, but also as a total workout. Because supping can be practiced by almost everyone and almost everywhere, it is being picked up tremendously all over the world at the moment. The Stand Up Paddle boards are somewhat wider and thicker than an average board, making them extremely stable. This should definitely not be missing on your vacation!

Supping is available when the water temperature is at a good level.