(indoor) swimming pool

swimming in our indoor pool is gorgeous!

(indoor) swimming pool

Fun for everyone!

We are very proud and happy with our cool indoor pool with water slides and water playground. From young to old: everyone can have hours of fun in our pool! Because of the clarity of our pool you can really enjoy yourself in the pool and keep an eye on things at all times. Well so relaxed!

The swimmingpool is not accessible to people who are not staying at our park.

Double water slides
In addition to a bath of 10 by 15 meters there is also a double waterslide realized. Two super cool slides where you can slide from roetsjt and when you are down.... do you want to go again right away!

Water playground for the little ones
The former 'outdoor water playground' has been completely maintained and the playground (for the smaller children) has been placed next to the large pool. So even the youngest ones have a nice water play area with slide, spray equipment, fall buckets and much more fun. Also because of the clarity, parents can relax!


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