Swimming in our indoor pool is gorgeous!

For every fun!

We are super proud and happy with our indoor pool with water slides and water playground. Young and old: everyone enjoys spending hours in our indoor pool!

Double water slides

In addition to a bath of 10 at 15 meters, there is also a double water slide. Two super great water slides to slide and when you are down ... you want to go back!
Water playground for the young children

The former 'outdoor water playground' we have kept and the playground (for the young children) is placed next to the large bathroom. So also the youngest children have a great water playground with water slide and much sea fun.

Unique: Open Sky roof!

The roof construction is quite unique: The so-called 'open sky' roof can be pushed open in good weather, just like the walls. This is how we realize an indoor and outdoor swimming pool at the same time.

opening hours

From 1st April 2018 our indoor pool will be open again! Attention: The indoor pool is not open for people who do not stay on our park. Later more information.
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