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A lovely shop for your groceries!

Also on holiday groceries have to be done. How nice is it that you can get the best groceries from our shop in the park? Discover a part of our assortment here on this page.

Bakery department

Our shop has its own bakery in which various sandwiches are baked hot for you. Besides pistol rolls, kaiser rolls and croissants (and more), we also bake delicacies such as apple flaps and frikandel rolls for you.


The assortment consists of different products, so you can always replenish your stock. You can also go to the shop for a tasty snack or a refreshing ice cream.


Daily fresh products

Every day the daily fresh dairy products will be replenished so you can always start the day with the freshest products!  Think for example of sandwich fillings, dairy products and desserts. A freshly squeezed orange juice of course! Meat (goods), vegetables and fruit will also be replenished daily.

Fresh coffee

Do you feel like starting the day with a good cup of coffee? The coffee is also ready for you in our shop! Easy and quick to take with you on-the-go. Don't forget to bring your favourite newspaper too!

For all your groceries you can go to our shop!

Opening hours

Look under the heading opening hours for the most recent opening hours of our park.