Important announcement

Dear Guest,

We have great news to share with you! Since October 1, we have started the renovation of our indoor arcade and catering facility into a whole new Family Entertainment Center!

What is going to happen?
We will completely rebuild the entire building both inside and out. Here is a sneak peek of what is going to be in our new Family Entertainment Center!

Glow-in-the-dark midgetgolf🏌️
Hyper bowling alleys🎳
Sports bar (with outdoor terrace) 🍻
Food court🥙
Restaurant 🍽️
Indoor plaza 🏢
Souvenir/non-food winkel🛍️
Cool craft room ✂️
Adventure play floor 😎
Arcade hall 🎟️
Youth area🧒

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Booking in the renovation period

If you want to book a vacation between Oct. 1, 2023 and March 29, 2024 (subject to change), the information below is of interest to you. Below is named when certain facilities will be open or closed.

From October 1
During this period, the indoor arcade, theater and Snackplaza Avontura are closed. However, the other facilities (including the swimming pool) will remain open. During this period, animation will be present only on weekends and during the Autumn vacations with a modified animation program.

From the 30th of October
In this period we will close all our facilities except the reception, bike rental, pumptrack track and pancake house the Water Mirror. The swimming pool is therefore also completely closed during this period. There will also be no entertainment during this period (with the exception of the Christmas vacations) and no activities, shows and other forms of entertainment will take place.

While certain facilities will be temporarily closed, there are still a lot of activities you can enjoy. Consider the pumptrack track, bike rentals, the playgrounds and disc golf. In addition, the pancake house is just open year-round.

As of March 29 (subject to change)
As of March 29, 2024, a part of our facilities will reopen. We aim to open the new Family Entertainment Center in the spring of 2024. Although this is a challenge, we are fully committed to ensuring that you will soon be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Since many facilities will be closed during the renovation period, we have reduced our rates during this time.

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If you have any further questions or something is not entirely clear, please do not hesitate to contact our reception. You can send an e-mail to or phone 0344-691502. We are always at your service!