at the betuwe


The Betuwe

Holiday park Eiland van Maurik in the Betuwe in the meadows of the Lower Rhine. The Betuwe is a region located in the Dutch province of Gelderland, between the rivers Waal in the south and the Lower Rhine and the Lek in the north.

The channel and river Linge flows from east to west through the Betuwe. The city of Tiel has the most important regional function in the river country. Other major cities are Culemborg, Elst, Arnhem and Geldermalsen. The Betuwe is known for its large horticulture, including fruit (apples, pear cherries).

Rivers landscape

The Betuwe consists of a change of old river channels, the flow ribs on either side thereof, and the hinterland farther from the river. The old river gives several places in the landscape, also within the dike, recognizable. In particular, the ridges were with some sand material for horticulture and fruit and make the best agricultural land in the Netherlands.

Good ground!
About the origin of the name Betuwe is discussed. Does it mean that the word originally called Betuwe 'good reasons'. This is similar to the Veluwe's bad bottom. However, this statement was rejected by scientists. Another explanation could be that the name is derived from the Bataver, which would have had its heartland in this area. (Source: Wikipedia)

In this area you can go for hours by bike or on foot along the rivers and dikes and hike while enjoying the traditional Dutch landscape.