Discover the beautiful nature

at the betuwe

Discover the beautiful nature

Colorful Betuwe

Holliday Park Eiland van Maurik is located in the heart of the Betuwe, a beautiful area full of nature. There is some debate about where the name "Betuwe" comes from. It is said that Betuwe means "good ground" as opposed to the Veluwe, which means "bad ground". Others say that Betuwe is derived from the Batavians who lived here. Either way, the Betuwe is a diverse and history-rich area. Roman excavations have taken place in several towns in the Betuwe, which can be admired in the regional museum Baron van Brakell, among others. The designation "good soil" comes into its own in the Betuwe. It is not for nothing that there is so much fruit cultivation here, and in the various towns of the Betuwe you will come across plenty of tree nurseries. In spring, the Betuwe turns a beautiful color because of the blossoms and in June you will find everywhere along the road original fruit stands where the tastiest cherries are sold. From September the fruit trees are full of apples and pears! That really is the versatility of the Betuwe.


Beautiful Rivierland

The Betuwe is part of the beautiful Rivierenland. As the name suggests, many rivers run through the Rivierenland, including the Rhine, the Meuse and the Waal. The lake Eiland van Maurik drains into the Lower Rhine and this, of course, means plenty of water sports, genial bike ferries to take you across the river and, of course, beautiful biking and hiking routes over dikes and along the water. 'Rivierenland steals heart' is sometimes said and it really is. Discover what Rivierenland has to offer you!

Utrecht Hill Rodge

Have you ever been to the Utrecht Hill Ridge? Admire the beautiful nature here endlessly with various cycling and walking routes! From our park you look from the meadows so on the Utrecht Ridge! Take the ferry to Amerongen and you're already there. So you have a tourist route and you come directly into the beautiful nature. Combined with a stay at our Park you have the ultimate combination between water and nature!