Maurik Mining

Maurik Mining

Maurik Mining Stone Factory

The Maurik Mining Stone Factory! Our nod to the origin of the Eiland van Maurik. There used to be a stone factory on the site that produced stones for many years. Now you will find stones from all over the world at the Maurik Mining Stone Factory. At this mine you can 'mine' or 'sift' bags of sand and then be left with beautiful gemstones! After mining, go find your gems on the gem map!

That's how you 1,2,3 wash the most beautiful stones from the Island clay:

1. Buy a bag of Island clay at the supermarket. 
(The bags of Island clay are for sale at the supermarket Spar for € 6.95)
2. Put some of the clay in the sieve 
3. Wash the clay and discover the treasures, collect them all!