Discount cards

Discount cards

Come and stay with your discount card in 2023!

With your discount card, you will enjoy extra cheap camping at our campsite in the early and late season! We accept the following discount cards: ANWB Camping Key Europe and the ADAC discount card. Look further for the discount card rates. Do you book online? Then you can immediately add your camping card to your reservation. Are you booking by telephone? Then please mention that you have a discount card. We will not be able to add your discount card to your reservation at a later time. Discounts are only valid on presentation of your valid membership card. 


ANWB Camping Key

You can also use your Camping Key card to stay at our campsite at a reduced price. The special rate with Camping Key is € 20.00 for 2 persons per night, including one dog, excluding tourist tax. You can bring an extra person for € 6.00 per person per night excluding tourist tax.

Valid period Camping Key:
24 March to 6 April 2023
12 April to 21 April 2023
8 to 15 May 2023
30 May to 6 July 2023
4 Septembre to 12 October 2023



ADAC CampingCard

In 2023, we have again added the ADAC CampingCard to our list of discount cards. The ADAC promotional rate is 15% on our nightly rate based on 2 persons. You can take an extra person with you for € 6.00 per person per night excluding tourist tax. The ADAC CampingCard rate is only valid on presentation of your ADAC CampingCard. 

Valid period ADAC CampingCard:
25 March to 6 April 2023
12 April to 21 April 2023
8 May to 16 May 2023
4 September to 12 October 2023